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You and I are bound to be friends if, when I say, "Sunday night," you immediately envision gorgeous Edwardian era gowns, chandeliers, valets and footmen.  Even with the Olympics at stake, Downton takes precedence.  Did you watch last night? I mean, seriously, what is Rose going to do next? And could you BELIEVE that Edith almost went through with it?!  And come on - as if we can't see what's going to happen with Mary. 

I desperately need someone with whom to discuss, gasp, giggle and conjecture.  And share favorite Dowager Duchess quotes!

I was recently asked to be a Downton "expert" guest host on my husband's popular podcast, The Shrink Show, when they covered "The Psychology of Downton Abbey." (click link for show). We covered everything from the time period, to appeal of the show - including the touchy feminism topic.  I was humiliated after recording to realize a huge flub on my part, when one of the show's hosts got me confused about a character name.  How embarrassing!
One thing I claimed on the podcast was that among the biggest draws of watching are the opulent visuals.  The costuming, the Abbey (Highclere Castle, if we're being accurate), the hair - ooo la la! Eye candy! Admit it - part of the reason we love to watch is to see what Lady Mary is going to wear to dinner! Ralph Lauren himself was so inspired that his Fall 2012 line was introduced to the Downton theme music. And since my youngest tells everyone that I'm a "Designer," I'll admit I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to achieve Downton inspired Easter Dresses for my girls this year.  I sure wish they'd show more children.

Once we're all sitting around in our Edwardian attire, we realize how pedestrian our surroundings are, eh? At the House of Antique Hardware Blog, they've come up with a Downton Abbey collection to bring the decadent decor home.  I love this line from the blog; "hardware is like jewelry for the home," which, if it's true, no one knows jewelry like Downton! 

Now, typically, my decorating style is decidedly not Highclere worthy, but so many of these pieces are charming!  I'm looking around my house wondering where in the world I could possibly put a chandelier.  Just a few episodes makes it pretty clear that everyone needs a chandelier, right? And a white tie.

What does it say about me that I think the downstairs collection fits best in my house?  And how cool is that bell?

So, who wants to join my Downton club? We can hang a chandelier.

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions expressed are my own.
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