Fantastic Fantasy Decor

My book club gave me this pin.  It's not that I'm not a movie fan - because I love movies.  It's just so rare that movies get anywhere near the experience of the book.  When I read a book, I feel like I'm walking around in the world and I'm smelling the smells and feeling the wind or the rain.  It's  immersive.  Movies rarely hit that level.

I make exception though for all of the Middle Earth films.  I'm going to go all fangirl when I talk about it, but that world is so exquisitely well done, down to every minute detail, that I can't help but believe.  And oh, how I'd love to go there!  The Middle Earth tour in New Zealand is definitely on my bucket list.
I can settle for the next best thing though and create my own little piece of gorgeous with some hints of the Shire in my home.  I found this blog post about Middle Earth inspired hardware pieces that inspires me to put the same attention to detail in my home that Jackson put into his sets.  The website is called House of Antique Hardware, and the post is called Create your own House Under the Hill.  All of the pieces evoke somewhere not only ancient, but also mystical.

Everyone who comes to our house lately knows our doorknob is completely screwed up.  How fantastic would this be for a replacement?

This collection satisfies both my yen for fantasy, and my Frank Lloyd Wright sensibilities!

But as much as I drool over this decor, the coolest ideas I got from the article were incorporating hardware into costume design.  If you know me at all, you know how much I LOVE making costumes, and with the new Spring Comic Con just around the corner, and my kids already bugging me about costumes, I'm so intrigued with the ideas to use hardware more creatively.  I love the suggestion of using this pull as Elrond's broach! Super cool idea.  Check out all the fun ideas here!

I can use all the ideas I can get to top last year's Comic Con!  Luckily we had Halloween costumes to draw on, and it was our first Con, but the bar has been raised. When people were stopping our Hobbit to get their pictures taken with him, it sets a precedent.  This year, FULL ELVEN ARMOR!  Seriously.  Because we obviously take our LOTR seriously.  (We won't even mention my Legolas standee.  Nope, we won't.)

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