"Stained Glass" Shamrock Window Craft


Top o' the mornin' to ye.  Not much to say about this wee crafty.  My kids were hankerin' for a craft - I was feelin' the lack o' the green round our house now that March is here.  Went lookin' for ideas and came across this Valentine craft on Pinterest, which I adapted for St. Patrick's Day simply by changing the shape and the color of the crayons.

It's a super simple craft, and it's extra fun because it surprises the kids - they don't know what's going to happen to the crayon bits, making it sort of science-experiementy to boot!  The final results are so pretty!  I keep finding myself in front of my window studying the individual patterns in each shamrock.

Supplies Needed:
Wax Paper
Pencil sharpener or knife
Iron & ironing board
Craft paper

  1. Place a sheet of craft paper on the ironing board to protect it from the melting wax (I ended up doubling this, just in case)
  2. Place a sheet of wax paper on top of the craft paper.  This will be one side of your "stained glass" shamrock.
  3. Shred crayons onto wax paper.  We started out using the pencil sharpener like the valentine's tutorial explained, but found that it was easier, quicker, and more effective to chop the crayons finely using a knife and cutting board (mom job, not kid job!). **NOTE: Use multiple shades of colors for the best effect.  You'll notice that we have some yellow, some blue, and several shades of green.  These blend together to end up green overall, with spots of neat variation, but otherwise it's drab.
  4. Place a second sheet of wax paper over top of the shredded crayons.
  5. Cover your wax paper - crayon sandwich with another sheet of craft paper to protect your iron. (Just so you know - it doesn't REALLY hurt the iron, and looks really cool to see the crayons melt and blend if you want to show the kids what's going on for just a second before you cover it all up to really go to town on the whole thing.  I tried it ;) )

6. Using the iron on a low to medium heat, and working from the center to the outside edges, press the crayon shreds until they are all melted to desired effect. 
8. Cut out traced shamrock shapes

Hang and Enjoy!!

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