Classic Valentines

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What is sweeter than a classic, old fashioned paper heart Valentine?  I know I'm a sucker for them.  So, this year, I ran across this tutorial for making paper flowers, I was dying to try some roses and make some classic Valentine hearts.

They're obviously very simple: base heart of pink or red cardstock, paper lace heart doily, scrapbook paper decorative center heart, then accent each in a unique way.  I did roses, smaller hearts, and one daisy-style flower with a gem center.

I know they're not the most groundbreaking craft ever, but they look ever-so-slightly victorian and they were fun to make.  However, they didn't end up being Valentines, as intended.  Why?


I don't have any Valentine decor.  I know, I know, it's pretty pathetic! I probably haven't prioritized decorating because my Valentine's traditions are already pretty overwhelming, what with the sugar cookie making, the multiple valentine mailboxes for kids to take to their class parties, the supplies to gather to send to said class parties, and the valentines to prepare for friends and family children.  It's not that crafting isn't around - obviously it is out in spades - decor just takes a back seat. So, this year, when I'd finished playing at different varieties of paper hearts, I thought they were too cute to just sit on my desk.  Throw some sticky hanging putty stuff on the backs and arrange in a circle and Voila!  A pretty, lacy Valentine wall wreath!  A kind of lame one, since it's just temporary but still it's actually quite sweet on my wall - my first Valentine decor.  And a great trial for figuring out paper roses.

Spontaneous Valentine Wall Wreath out of paper Valentines

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